Thursday, November 3, 2011


Razen Manandhar
Photography can be a fun.  Without being professional, we can record events, moments, expressions and feelings being at right time, right place. To make this very idea realized, I've developed a concept of "Saturday Photography".
It is loose network of hobby photographers. it should not necessarily be limited to Saturdays. We can be extended holiday photography too. The objective of the network is to engage people in photography and make people aware of art, culture, architecture and environment of the Kathmandu Valley (for now).
1.       To organize people of same interest
2.       To engage people on Saturdays, to make Saturdays productive
3.       to create an atmosphere of family, friend's circle
4.       To give introduction to art, culture, architecture and lifestyles of the Kathmandu Valley and its surroundings
5.       To make them aware of the changing lifestyle of people here.
6.       To make the members take photographs of the human settlements and other cultural activities that might vanish in future
7.       To help them make their personal archives of photographs
8.       To produce/ publish their photographs in a forum where they can share and discuss about one another's products
9.       To support them to develop their hobbies into profession

What will the group do?
1.       They will develop a googlegroup for interaction, dissemination of information etc.
2.       They will organize an excursion every month, first Saturday, most probably, with their cameras.
3.        They will choose a destination. Use public transportation; go on morning come back after noon. Depending on the nature of the place and event we may choose to depart on afternoons too.
4.       They will take pictures of their tastes. Some senior or professional photographers will guide, support them.
5.       They will file their selected photos in a multiple blogsite, give comments on one another's work
6.       They will also be posting their photos their own blogsites or Facebook walls.
7.       In future they will develop a website to showcase the photographs of the members.
We still have to discuss and agree on
1.       Meeting point
2.       Fund
3.       Making of common/multiple use blogsite
4.       Opening of a website
5.       Copyrights/watermarks/initials
6.       Guides

Do you have any other ideas?

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